"Love is the Beginning, sisters beyond the end"



 ​President's welcome


I am deeply honored, humbled and excited to continue to serve as the 1st National President of Alpha Zeta Gamma Sorority, Inc. as we continue to build, increase and expand our reach. As we move forward, I believe we all are ready to continue solidifying  our place in Greek History.

Our national theme for 2019 -2020 is “Striving to Rise, the Soul of an AweZome Purpose”. My vision as the National President is to firmly establish Alpha Zeta Gamma Sorority, Inc. as the pioneer sisterhood to women who identify as Bisexual & Queer however, always remaining open to any woman regardless of her sexual identity.

To ensure our sisterhood will be more visible and vibrant it’s important that we set the stage through our vision for this 2019-2020 year; “Striving to Rise, the Soul of an AweZome Purpose”. The legacy of Alpha Zeta Gamma Sorority, Inc. rests on all of our shoulders to be greatness and to represent the wonderful diversity within our community. We will continue to enhance our growth in sisterhood; we will continue to work collaboratively with other organizations and fulfilling our volunteer efforts; we will further engage with our various communities by improving the impact and visibility of the Bisexual & Queer Communities. I am confident that all of this will be possible with your continued support and commitment.

​I hope to continue to inspire women of strength and leadership, and through it, strengthen those traits of conduct, thought, and idealism characterizes the responsible LGBTQ Woman.


LaSonia King,
1st President/Founder